Artist Statement

An artist cannot talk about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.  ~ Jean Cocteau

 That said, the power of art, for me, lies in its ability to connect with others. Communication is primary. For that reason, I have always been drawn to the image and the word.

My first love has always been books and that is why I now describe myself primarily as a book artist, but in the past I have worked in clay, fiber, and paint. I have made a lot of art that isn’t a book or at least not what others would call a book. I don’t like categories according to what materials I use or how I use them. Nevertheless, I find no matter what I make, it is linked in some way to art I have made before.

Art comes from a primary place in me, full of feelings and experimentation with materials. I think my audience understands and appreciates what I have to say.